Lion Air

Lion Air know opportunity to make people fly especiallt across Indonesian city. Indonesia is a large country, there are more 13.000 island and almost 250 million people. With the growing of business and also economics, Indonesian people need to travel between city in different island. The best choices to move around this country is using Airplane. Rusdi Kirana, CEO Lion Air know well this opportunity so then in year 2000, he set up his company starting with one Airplane to servie Indonesian people fly. And now after 13 years Lion Air not only Flying Indonesian people in Indonesia but also Asian people in Asia :)

Lion Air Strategy

Lion Air using strategy that really new in that year, Low Cost Carrier. I’ve already wrote about LCC when told about Air Asia Business Model. With this strategy, Lion Air can fullfill their promised to make people fly – So that  each person, ranging from cloth merchants from Makassar, mother-housewife from Medan, citrus growers from Pontianak, or students from Papua, could have a chance to fly through the archipelago.

The difference Lion Air with others are their brand new airplane. Rusdi Kirana quite adapt in picking long-term trends started buying high-capacity narrowbodies, such as the Boeing 737-900ER, several years before many others woke up and realized that airport slot-constraints, coupled with rising passenger traffic, would make such aircraft a necessity. In March 2013, just a few weeks ago, Lion Air airline business rocked the world when ordering as many as 230 Airbus A320 (a unit cost about USD 700 billion). In advance (late 2012) , they also surprising Boeing headquarters when deciding to buy up as many as 178 units of aircraft (Boeing 737 series 900 ER).

Lion Air is very surprising company, and very insteresting to see the rivalry between Lion Air with Air Asia. After all this order complete and all airplane delivered in 2021, Lion Air with their subsidiary ( Wings Air, Malindo Air in Malaysia and Batik Air – Premium Carrier) will be the biggest airflight in Asia. We hope they can prepare well especially their human resource (pilot, stewardess, etc) to make people fly and safe. (DodDid)

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